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Asia Pacific Federation of Project Management (APFPM) Signing of MOU Governance Charter, December 2010, New Delhi India

Australia ,China, India, Indonesia, Japan, and Nepal representatives signed APFPM Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

The Asia Pacific Federation of Project Management (APFPM) was launched in April 2010 with Member Association delegates coming together from Hong Kong, India, Chinap, Nepal, Japan, United States, Indonesia, and Australia. It was formed to harness the synergies of Project Management related professional associations across the Asia Pacific region.

The countries of the Asia Pacific represent nearly two thirds of the world’s population and well over half of global trade. There is a huge and growing demand across the region for the development of best practice Project Management and competent Project Managers.

The APFPM will be a supporting organisation to many of the professional associations trying to develop their capacity and capability to meet the current and emerging challenges of the region (quoted from

Australia (Mr Bill Young), China (Mr Francis Chan and Mr Yan Xue – electronically signed), India (Mr Adesh Jain), Indonesia (Mr Adi Prasetyo and Mr Pito Sumarno), Japan (Mr Hiroshi Tanaka), Mr Prabesh Aryal (Nepal )
Observer: Ruchira Jain (India), A. Tripathy (India), Binayak Rath (India), Deepak Varshney (USA), Arvino Agrawal (India), Patrica Griffith (USA), A.S. Pillai (India).