PMIT Consulting

Building Project Management Capacities in Government Agencies of Republic Indonesia

AIPEG aims to improve the quality of the Indonesian Government’s economic management, and through this contribute to broad based growth and poverty reduction. Effective project management (PM) methodology, together with individual skills and techniques are important prerequisites if any project is to achieve its stated aims. This is particularly relevant for Indonesian government agencies which are presently implementing ambitious reform agendas. This program was attended by 120 participants in year 2011 from various partner agencies namely Ministry of Trade (MoT), Ministry of Finance (MoF), and Audit Board (BPK), apart from several staffs from AIPEG. Staffs from Directorate General Taxes (DGT), Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs (CMEA), and Financial Institutions Supervisory Agency (Bapepam LK) are categorized under MoF participants.

This consultancy entails the design and delivery of a tailored PM training course for AIPEG’s partner agency staff. The key learning objectives from the training will be to equip participants with the skills needed to define, plan, monitor, and successfully complete projects that meet the objectives of the agency.The program participants expressed their appreciation for the good delivery of the training program as well as the coaching and mentoring.

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